Topics and Tracks of MNDCS 2021

MNDCS 2021 solicits high quality unpublished original research paper in the following track but not limited to-

Micro/Nanoelectronics Devices Micro/Nanoelectronics Circuits Micro/Nano Systems
Device Physics, Quantum Electronics, Quantum Transport, Compact Device Modeling, LED, MOSFET, MESFET, FinFET, TFET, Beyond CMOS, III-VHEMT, Ga2O3 HEMT, SET, UWB Semiconductor Materials and Devices, 2DMaterials: Graphene, Spintronics, Carbon Nanotubes, Nanotechnology: Nanowires, Nanostructures, Flexible Electronics, HighEfficiency Solar Cells, Novel Photovoltaic Concepts, Energy Storage, Advanced materials, Advanced Electronic Devices etc. Analog VLSI Circuits, Digital VLSI Circuits, Mixed-mode VLSI Circuits, Systemon Chip (SoC), Bioelectronics Circuits, Circuit Optimization Techniques, Reconfigurable Circuits, HDL based FPGA Design, Testing and Verification, Packaging, Reliability, DSP based VLSI. MEMS/NEMS, Sensors, Actuators, Nanogenerator, Energy Harvester, Micromachining, Microfluidics, Lab-on-Chip, Healthcare systems, Embedded System Design, Biomedical Systems, IoT and Smart Systems, Robotics and Mechatronics, MEMS Packaging, Reliability, Semiconductor Memories etc.

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